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by ~ *MyLiFeIsAnOpArKiNgZoNe!! RuReAdY?(:P)* ~ (cancrasher009)
at February 8th, 2008 (09:07 am)

Name: Danie
Age: 22

Horse(s) Name: I have several. Right now my main barrel horses are Chaluka, Koy and Rio
Horse(s) Breed(s): Quarter Horses
Non-horse interests: What are those!!! haha my horses and rodeo are my intrests thats it thats all
Favorite Musical band or singer(write multiple if you want): Fall out boy all time fav....
Favorite Movie(Again, multiple if you so choose.): Super bad..that movie is badass
Other disciplines you ride, if any: Mainly western although i have started taking english lessons to improve my own training program
How many years have you ridden? my entire life
How many years have you ridden speed events? my whole life. my first barrel jackpot i was 3
Favorite Speed Event: barrell racing hands down
Favorite Horse Breed: I like a muscley quarterhorse with a good squirt of thoroughbred

Im from Hoosier Saskatchewan, Canada. Ive been barrel racing and training barrell horses my whole life. I went to Olds College with a major in Equine Science, minor in Western horsemanship and after college broke two year olds to ride and fixed problem barrel horsesfor two and a half years...we moved from alberta to saskatchewan and with that came no where to ride in the winter i had to quit training for a few months BUT IM STILL BARREL RACEING...most important and  my boyfriend and I have five two year olds of our own to break this spring and I am so excited to see how our babies are going to turn out. My goals for this year are to qualify for the Alberta barrel racing finals, the saskatchewan barrel racing finals, the KCRA finals, and haul to a few boarder country rodeos. As well as start my futurity prospect on barrels..haha i really have my work cut out for me but i am looking forward to chatting with you chickies and learning as much as i can from you!!!


Posted by: Caly (goneriding24_7)
Posted at: March 13th, 2008 01:38 am (UTC)
Flying horse mane

Welcome to the community! I look forward to your input in the posts!

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