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The Barrel Racer's Community

Flying without wings

--Three Turns and Home--
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This is a community for anyone who barrel races or does speed events. If you show and local shows or are on your way to worlds, you are welcome here. If you show on a backyard pony or a $50,000 horse, you are welcome here. Anyone, be it for fun, or for sport, anyone that competes in the wonderful world of speed events may join. Also, people who are interested in speed events but do not necessarily compete in them are also welcome.

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About the community:
Originally, I started this to have a community for barrel racers...period.
But, what I'd like to do is have discussions and competitions based on barrel racing and speed events.
Critiques would be wonderful if people are brave enough to post pictures of themselves running (use constructive criticism please).

1. Everyone needs to be nice to each other. I hope this will be a community to help everyone learn, have fun, and grow as barrel racers, so be friendly.
2. Participate! I'm not going to make this into one of those communities where you get asked to leave because you lurk, but at least feel free to participate and comment. Try not to lurk if you can help it.
3. Keep swearing to a minimum.
4. Pictures behind cuts please! If you don't know how to LJ Cut...
< lj-cut text="Whatever you'd like that cut to say"> Everything that goes behind the cut (pictures, etc.)
5. Do the application when you join, just to introduce yourself and such (put it behind a cut please).
6. When you post a picture for critique you must do it in a certain format that will be listed below. Please do not critique pictures if the people do not want you to. People should feel able to share without negative comments if they choose.

Horse(s) Name:
Horse(s) Breed(s):
Non-horse interests:
Favorite Musical band or singer(write multiple if you want):
Favorite Movie(Again, multiple if you so choose.):
Other disciplines you ride, if any:
How many years have you ridden?
How many years have you ridden speed events?
Favorite Speed Event:
Favorite Horse Breed:
Feel free to talk about yourself, your horses, and post pictures of yourself and your horse afterward.

Rules for posting critique pictures.

Simply post an LJ cut with the title "Critique this horse/rider" or something along those lines. Just make sure you mention that you'd like a critique. In the first part of the post write what it is you want critiqued. If its everything, put that. If its just the movement of the horse, say so. If its conformation, or your riding, make it known. Then post your picture.

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